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Read to find out how Platinum KeyWords will help you optimize your web site.



Before optimizing a webpage you have to decide what keywords you want to optimize your page for, what keywords are relative to your website, you want to find out popular keywords and preferably the ones that are not targeted by many other websites, in order to make it easier to reach a Top 5 position in the major search engines.

Platinum keywords helps you to do just this, find out how many times a keyword is searched every day worldwide and discover if it will be easy or not to make it to the N.1 position in the search engines for that given keyword.

How does it work ?
The program is very simple, after you launch Platinum Keywords you will be asked to type a keyword or phrase relative to your business, at start be general and use only 1 or 2 words keywords, press "START" and the program will scout the internet and prepare a list of words similar to the one you just typed, it will give you the number of:
- Daily searches
- Adwords value (if available)
- Keyword difficulty

Daily Searches
This is the number of times every day the keyword is searched for

Adwords Value
This is the average cost per click other people are paying on the Adwords network for that word

This gives you an idea if the keyword is worth targeting or not, it calculates how many other websites have this keyword or phrase in the webpage Title and divides the number by the daily searches, the biggest the KEI the better, a low KEI indicates that there are many other pages targeting that keyword in comparison to the daily searches

Keyword Difficulty
The program calculates how many pages have the keyword in the Title, how many have it in the body, and how many websites have it in the anchor text, on top of that it calculates how many IBL have the Top websites in the search engines for that keyword.
This number is very important, the lower the better, if the programs tells you the keyword you want to target has a keyword difficulty of 100 it means it will be very hard for you to get into the top 10 of any search engine for that word


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